A Day in St. Helena

A Day in St. Helena

Anine Bing Dress, Marni Belt, Miu Miu Sandals, Stella McCartney Bag, Preston & Olivia Hat c/o

The weekend before last, we took a day trip out to St. Helena for some extra warm weather and sunshine. Although we’ve been to Napa Valley numerous times, it was our first time visiting St. Helena. It’s so charming with great restaurants (we went to Archetype for brunch and Beringer Vineyards for a little wine tasting) and shops- we’re already planning our trip back! Taking little trips out of the city every other weekend has become one of our favorite ways to explore new places and towns right outside of San Francisco.

We just finished up a busy and wonderful weekend in Dallas and just arrived to Cabo last night! You can follow more of our trip on my instagram here :)

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  1. Ah… this is so refreshing! I swear it takes effort to put on a dress in SF sometimes, just because its so foggy all the time. But I LOVE these dresses you’ve been rockin’… and St. Helena is the perfect place :)

  2. Next time you are in the valley you should check out Castello D’Ammorosa for a photo shoot venue.

  3. Overall, I adore this look! But I absolutely LOVE the dress! The details are so cute and the white is one of the best trends right now. I love this. And love how you paired it with the hat.

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