Red Short Suit

Red Short Suit

Mango Blazer, StyleMint Tee (old, similar here), Forever21 Shorts, Nike Sneakers, Coach Bag, Ray Ban Sunglasses

Happy Friday!

I’ve been wanting a short suit for a while, so this is my makeshift version. I found these red shorts at Forever 21 for less than $9 and knew they would be the perfect counterpart to my red blazer. Plus, their linen fabric is just really comfy in general. I wore this laid back monochromatic look last Sunday for an easy bike ride to the farmers market and running errands all day. My feet are really love me right now with all of this sneaker action going on!

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  1. You look amazing, Julia! Love the improvised shorts suit. That’s actually a great idea. Maybe I should look for a nice pair of shorts that would go well with my blazers!

  2. The outfit is totally cute, but I have to say, I am obsessed with that bike! It makes me excited for warmer weather, for sure!

  3. I’m loving this – it’s exactly the kind of outfit I would love to wear to work but everyone would just look at me funny! Too “fashion forward” for the grumpy old men I guess ;)

  4. So pretty! I was wondering where you got that bike? I have been looking for one just like it for so long- would you mind letting me know what brand it is? Thanks in advance!