Behind The Lens: Samsung NX300M

Behind The Lens: Samsung NX300M

Samsung NX300M

One of my most frequently asked questions is “what kind of camera do you use?” I’ve done a few previous blog posts about photography, but my husband and I have since updated most of our gear, so we thought we’d start a new series where we cover some of our camera equipment and what we’ve learned over the years. Look out for future posts for this “Behind The Lens” series and make sure to leave suggestions or ask questions you want answered within the comments.

To start off, I want to introduce our newest little member of our ever growing camera family, the Samsung NX300M. Instagram has become a second platform for me to share more photos beyond what makes it up on the blog. I love creating a beautiful image and both my husband (@tberolz) and I agreed that both our iPhones and DSLRs had limitations. We wanted something that had better image quality than an iPhone, allow more control of the settings but wasn’t as hard to use or as heavy as our new Canon EOS 5D Mark III. We were looking for a camera that would allow us to wirelessly transfer images directly to my phone so I can quickly share those images on Instagram, print them out or email them to family members. So many of the images we take are spontaneous, on the go and we wanted something that was easy to use, light and fit in my purse. As we were searching for a camera, we found that the Samsung NX300M had everything we were looking for. A few bonuses of this particular camera: it’s “selfie” mode where you can flip the screen to see the image you are taking, the ability to take the photo in a square frame and the option t0 edit the photo within the camera before you share it. It’s touchscreen capabilities also make it very user friendly and it doesn’t hurt that it’s cute, so I don’t mind keeping it around my neck. I now carry it with me to capture images throughout the day while Thomas carries our big Canon EOS 5D Mark III for all of our blog pictures.

We started using our Samsung back in April and have seen a significant difference in our images ever since. It’s not necessary to have this camera, but if you value photos that are more crisp and colorful, then it’s a great option. We like to tell everyone about it and we would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to step up from their camera phone, but not go straight to a DSLR.

Here are a few snapshots from Instagram where we’ve used our Samsung camera, you can check out more on my Instagram @Juliahengel (*note: not all of my IG pics are used with the Samsung, but a majority are!)


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  1. I’m so happy you’re starting this series! I love all your posts and it’ll be especially nice to learn how all the photos are taken, and come together so nicely :)


  2. Hi Julia,
    I love your blog! I have been following you for some time now. = ) I want to invest in a wireless camera so this post was very helpful! Thank you so much for sharing!
    Your photos always look so “glossy”/clear. I was wondering if that is because of this specific camera.
    Like you said, the photos are so crisp and colorful. The photos I take with my Canon camera seem “dull” next to yours. I am wondering if I have it on the wrong settings or perhaps I should invest in an editing program. Thank you very much!

  3. Love this post! Your pictures are always so perfect! I would definitely love to know what programs you use to edit your photos with. The program I have is not cutting it for me. Also, I just got the NX2000 camera which is almost the same size it looks like to yours and I was wondering what do you keep your camera in while traveling? I know you said it can fit in your purse, but I am always afraid that the lens will get damaged because it sticks out from the camera. Thank you!


  4. I got myself my first hybrid (been working with digital cameras before) a few months back. And I really tried the Samsung and tried to make myself fall in love with it, but the first camera I was handed when going on my camera-searchin-tour was SONY NEX-5T and I just couldn’t find any Samsung or Olympus in the same or cheaper price range appealing any more… So I ordered the SONY’s older sibling, 5R from sale, eased the pain quite a lot getting it for almost 200€ cheaper :) And it transfers pictures via WI-FI it creates itself. The newer one would have NFC to accompany the WI-FI, but my phone doesn’t even have it, so I was beyond happy with my purchase! Still am :) It would be nice to hear if you photograph with a free hand or with a tripod? I bought myself the latter a week ago and am finding it super useful in blogging :)

    1. P.S: really love the colours as well on your IG-pictures! Incredibly vivid and suit the prevailing season perfectly :)

  5. This is such a cute camera! We’re all looking for different camera options at the moment and I’m so happy that I saw this post. I would die for the white one – so stylish for a fashion blogger, lol ;) XO! -S

  6. Thanks for these tips and advice on these 2 great cameras.


  7. I also recently treated myself to a Samsung NX camera and I love it! I love that it is more compact than a DSLR, meaning it’s easier for on the go…but still has amazing quality. You’ve taken some lovely shots with yours :)

  8. Great post! It would be awesome if you did a post suggesting editing tips on instagram. I’m always amazed at how some profiles have the brightest and freshest looking photos–would love to know how to get there. Thanks!

  9. I really appreciate this new series! I’m a bit challenged when it comes to photography… I don’t really have an eye for it and just recently took a photography class, which helped only getting started. I can use any help I can get!


  10. Awesome blog post, I have been looking for a smaller camera with all the qualities that you have mentioned. I found it hard to make the choice of camera when I was hiking in Thailand, I am glad that I didn’t bring my SLR in the end because the trekking was hard enough – but I wished I had had a camera that could capture the beauty of everything that we did. xox

  11. I got this camera at the end of last year and I have been very happy with it. Good battery life, great connectivity, solid lens choices and GREAT pictures. I through it in my bag with a pancake lens when I know I better pictures that cell phones can provide.

  12. Such a cute little camera. <3 I would also love to learn your photo editing process, as they always look absolutely gorgeous! :)