Beauty March 2, 2016

Makeup That Glows

Beauty Products:

Burberry Runway Palette in “White No. 1”, Burberry Face Contour Pen in “Dark No. 2”, Burberry Eye Colour Contour in “Natural No. 100”, Burberry Eye Colour Contour in “Rosewood No. 112”, Burberry Nail Polish in “Optic White”


Even though I love fashion and beauty, it doesn’t mean I like to spend a ton of time on either. Actually, I prefer the quickest possible ways to get ready in the morning. Any beauty tricks or hacks that save me time, I’m in. I try to focus a lot more on my skincare routine, providing a great base for my makeup, rather than applying layers of stuff on my skin. I also want my makeup to glow and let my skin shine through, not dull it out and cover it up. Keep reading to find out some of my current favorite beauty products that have become staples in my beauty bag for a quick, glowing beauty look.




Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2016 makeup collection is named “Velvet & Lace”. The products themselves are the embodiment of their name- beautiful, delicate and soft. They’re exactly the type of beauty products that I want to be wearing into the warmer months. To add a fresh start, I painted my nails in Burberry’s “Optic White”.





Once I have my base layer of makeup on, I then dust Burberry’s Runway Palette in “White No. 1” along the top of my cheekbones, forehead, the bridge of my nose and jawline. An easy reminder of where to lightly apply- the spots of your face where light would naturally hit. This gives a luminous glow like no other product. Even on the dullest of days, your skin will look radiant.






Next, I apply one of my favorite beauty products, Burberry’s Face Contour Pen in “Dark No. 2”. I’ve talked about this product before (after being intro’d to it last October) and how much I love to use it to create a subtle, contoured look on my cheeks. It glides right on, allowing you to then blend with your fingers. It appears dark at first, but once you start melting it into your skin, it results in a perfectly sun-kissed hue.






I usually leave my eyelids bare and let my lashes do the talking, but I do love a slightly smoky crease to get that deep-set eye look. My first step is applying Burberry’s Eye Colour Contour in “Natural No. 100” to the lid. Again, I love this stuff because it’s subtle and has a slight shimmer. It’s not “in your face” eyeshadow, but the brightness makes your eyes pop.





Finally, to get the deep-set look, I use Burberry’s Eye Colour Contour in “Rosewood No. 112”. I draw this into the crease of my eyelids, just slightly and then blend with my fingers. It’s not too dark, but just enough to make a difference.





The best part is that you can adjust the outcome by how much you apply- maybe add a bit more of the eye contour for a night out or just a tad extra of the highlighters for an early morning boost. It’s up to you, but the results are always fresh and youthful, which is always a win in my book.

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