Photography July 9, 2014

Behind The Lens: Samsung NX300M

Samsung NX300M

One of my most frequently asked questions is “what kind of camera do you use?” I’ve done a few previous blog posts about photography, but my husband and I have since updated most of our gear, so we thought we’d start a new series where we cover some of our camera equipment and what we’ve learned over the years. Look out for future posts for this “Behind The Lens” series and make sure to leave suggestions or ask questions you want answered within the comments.

To start off, I want to introduce our newest little member of our ever growing camera family, the Samsung NX300M. Instagram has become a second platform for me to share more photos beyond what makes it up on the blog. I love creating a beautiful image and both my husband (@tberolz) and I agreed that both our iPhones and DSLRs had limitations. We wanted something that had better image quality than an iPhone, allow more control of the settings but wasn’t as hard to use or as heavy as our new Canon EOS 5D Mark III. We were looking for a camera that would allow us to wirelessly transfer images directly to my phone so I can quickly share those images on Instagram, print them out or email them to family members. So many of the images we take are spontaneous, on the go and we wanted something that was easy to use, light and fit in my purse. As we were searching for a camera, we found that the Samsung NX300M had everything we were looking for. A few bonuses of this particular camera: it’s “selfie” mode where you can flip the screen to see the image you are taking, the ability to take the photo in a square frame and the option t0 edit the photo within the camera before you share it. It’s touchscreen capabilities also make it very user friendly and it doesn’t hurt that it’s cute, so I don’t mind keeping it around my neck. I now carry it with me to capture images throughout the day while Thomas carries our big Canon EOS 5D Mark III for all of our blog pictures.

We started using our Samsung back in April and have seen a significant difference in our images ever since. It’s not necessary to have this camera, but if you value photos that are more crisp and colorful, then it’s a great option. We like to tell everyone about it and we would definitely recommend to anyone that wants to step up from their camera phone, but not go straight to a DSLR.

Here are a few snapshots from Instagram where we’ve used our Samsung camera, you can check out more on my Instagram @Juliahengel (*note: not all of my IG pics are used with the Samsung, but a majority are!)


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