Beauty Tips October 7, 2014

Beauty Boost

For me, my beauty routine is more of a beauty lifestyle. My routine doesn’t start and end when I put on my makeup. I constantly make lifestyle choices to promote a healthier me, which I can tell has an amazing impact on making my skin look healthy.

Life is full of external factors that can wear us and our skin down. I’ve found success with combating these elements by eating a plant based diet as often as I can and exercising frequently. This includes lots of fresh and organic fruits and veggies, grains, staying hydrated and switching up my workout routine so I don’t get bored.

It’s hard to constantly maintain a healthy lifestyle, so sometimes I need a little boost with my routine. So when looking for products to put on my body, I want something that will actually make a difference without hurting the longer term vitality of my skin. A product that I was introduced to that does just that for me is Shiseido Ultimune. I apply it once in the morning and then once before bed to help give my skin that extra glow. Some improvements are more attainable than others and healthy skin shouldn’t be impossible to achieve. Since I’ve used the product, I can see subtle but noticeable changes in my skin and feel more confident knowing that I’m nourishing it and enhancing it’s natural beauty.

In partnership with Shiseido.

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