Beauty Tips November 26, 2014


With the holiday season upon us and Thanksgiving tomorrow, Thomas and I have reflected on how fortunate we have been with both our personal and professional lives. We have always given back in small ways as that’s something we’ve both been taught from a young age and is important to the both of us. I feel passionate about so many causes, but I wanted to select one that I could really get behind and help make an impact upon.

After reviewing plenty of strong contenders we chose to support The Kind Campaign. I felt a strong connection to their mission to address the issue of girl-against-girl “crime” through spreading kindness. As women and girls, life is hard enough that we should be supporting each other rather than breaking each other down. Literally, the night of deciding which cause we wanted to support we were introduced to BeautyKind, a brand new online retailer of beauty products with an interest in giving back. Their idea was brilliant; give back 5% of every purchase on beauty products to the cause of the customers’ choice. These are purchases that every woman is already going to make, multiple times a year, so why not give back at the same time? It seemed like a no brainer so I decided I had to spread the word about BeautyKind. For me, I purchase so many different beauty products a year and I love now knowing that 5% of all my beauty purchases will be going to The Kind Campaign– the cause I chose to support.

The process is simple, BeautyKind let’s you choose which cause you want to support when you are signing up. If you don’t see your cause, you can apply to have it added. Once you are signed up, just shop like normal, the prices are comparable to other retailers. What’s also nice is that 1% of what you spend on BeautyKind turns into points, which can be used, for future purchases. If you choose to refer friends to BeautyKind you can earn 1% on their purchases. The rewards don’t stop with your immediate referrals but keep going with your referrals’ referrals, up to 5 circles deep.

Sign up for BeautyKind and receive 20% off your first order. Then let me know what cause you chose to support with your BeautyKind purchases!

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