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Sans Ceuticals Balancing Hair Wash & HydrantMason Pearson Comb, Sans Ceuticals Moisture & Protein InfusionSans Ceuticals Shine Corrector, GHD Classic Wave Wand

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Let’s talk about hair. This is probably one of the most popular topics for emails and comments that come through. The truth is that no one’s hair is really the same. We all have different textures, thicknesses, lengths and colors, so I can only speak for myself and what has worked best for my hair. I have naturally stick straight, super thick hair that has a very soft texture. I’ve wanted natural waves or curly hair since I was little (I even convinced my mom to let me get a perm in the 5th grade- not so cute), fine “cool girl” hair and texture that looks effortless and tousled. It seems that we always want what we don’t have, am I right? So over the years, I have embraced what I was born with and I try to keep my hair as natural as possible to keep it healthy and shiny.


Loose Waves
Healthy hair tips and products

Sans ceuticals shampoo and conditioner is the best


I’ve been using Sans Ceuticals Balancing Hair Wash & Hydrant every other day. This new-to-me line is both pure and chemical free and leaves my hair feeling hydrated and bouncy. The Balancing wash and hydrant are for ‘normal’ hair types but they also have a Nourishing and Volumising wash and hydrant for dry, damaged or fine hair.


Tips for keeping your hair healthy
My favorite product for shiny hair


I wash and condition my hair every other day and switch off between using Sans Ceuticals Moisture & Protein Infusion and Sans Ceuticals Shine Corrector. Both serums are meant to be applied and rinsed out after washing your hair. I’m obsessed with the Moisture & Protein Infusion, within a few weeks I could really see a difference in the health of my hair.


Hair tips

Tips for healthy shiny hair
Products to get the best loose curls

Haircare products for healthy hair


I try my best to keep as much heat off of my hair as possible. Instead of blow drying it, I opt to let it air dry and I almost never use a straightener. I do however, use a curling iron at least twice a week to try and get those curls I’ve always wanted. I recently got this GHD Classic Wave Wand and it is hands down the best curling iron I’ve ever used. I waited so long to invest in a nice curling iron and I have no idea why. I love this one in particular because it heats up extremely fast (less than 20 seconds!) and my curls last all day long. I’ve also always used a 1 1/4 inch barrel to keep my waves soft and relaxed.


Natural healthy hair

Tips for bouncy healthy hair
Best curling iron for loose curls


I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I used a brush on my hair. I’ve been using a wide tooth comb for years and years and believe that it has helped minimize hair breakage, letting my hair grow much longer. Even when I get my hair done at the salon, I ask my stylist to use a wide tooth comb or his fingers to brush through and blow dry my hair if necessary.

Mason Pearson Comb

Healthy Natural Hair Tips


At the end of the day, the best thing you can possibly do for your hair (skin and nails included!) is feed your body the nutrients and vitamins it needs. As they say, “beauty starts from within”. Well, your outer appearance is actually a reflection of your insides. If you’re feeding yourself junk, you’re going to see it in your skin and hair! I’m no expert in nutrition, but just making sure you’re eating real, whole foods instead of packaged goods will make all the difference in the world.

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