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Why This Skin Inc Mask Is A Must Have

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Skin Inc. Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask, Skin Inc. Get Glowin’ Brightening Mask, Skin Inc. Vitamin A Serum, Skin Inc. Pure Revival Peel, Skin Inc. My Daily Dose Custom Blend Set-Licorice Serum, Chlorella Serum, Q10 Serum, Skin Inc. Hydrating Shield, Dear Bowie Pajamas


Last spring I started using Skin Inc. masks and serums in an attempt to help hydrate my dry skin and reduce dark circles under my eyes. As I wrote in this past GMG post, I tested out Skin Inc. and fell in love with the way my skin looked after using the products- it was dewy, smooth, and hydrated, and the circles under my eyes remained at bay. I’ve since added a few new Skin Inc. products to my skincare routine, like this Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask, while still using some of my original favorites. 





It’s December and I have to say that Skin Inc., and, in particular the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask, have found a permanent home in my bathroom cabinet as one of my very favorite skin care lines. The results speak for themselves, as I now routinely go without makeup, confident that my skin’s healthy glow is enough. I decided to pack up the Get Glowin’ Brightening Mask and the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask to bring to NYC with me as my sister and I always love a little at-home facial at night. The Brightening Mask leaves my skin absolutely glowing and was a perfect treat after being on a plane all day since it helps reduce inflammation. 





Travelling a lot means spending a good deal of time on planes, which can really dehydrate and dull my skin. This trip to New York was no exception. I always make sure to have skincare products to treat my skin before, during and after my travels. Before I apply my masks, I prep my skin with the Skin Inc. Pure Revival Peel to slough-off dead skin cells, creating the perfect palette for the masks to take their course. I then apply my Skin Inc. serums (Licorice, Chlorella and Coenzyme Q10), customized for my skin, along with a light dose of Skin Inc. Vitamin A Serum, gently massaging in tiny circles, making sure to apply the Vitamin A directly under my eyes to depuff and lighten up. On more than one occasion now, I have been able to rely on only the Vitamin A Serum and the Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask in lieu of night and eye cream.





My sister and I relaxed in our hotel room with our mini Skin Inc. spa treatment complete and hot mint tea bedside. Having great skin comes with taking good care of your skin. This is something my mother instilled in me from when I was young and has always remained with me over the years. I love the feeling of washing my face at night, letting my skin breathe and be happy and treating it to products that refresh and keep it looking its best. 





I feel strongly about only promoting skin care products that I’ve used and work well with my skin. And while I like to switch around the brands I use every now and then, Skin Inc. is definitely one that I routinely rely on as tried and true. 


Thank you to Skin Inc. for sponsoring this post.

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