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Twisted Knot Tutorial with TRESemmé

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As I promised a few weeks ago, today I’m bringing you a tutorial of one of my favorite hairstyles from the runway at NYFW. And guess what? It’s one that was surprisingly easy to replicate at home, and even better, it only takes a mere minutes to complete. The Marissa Webb show is always one to impress, but this season, the hair really caught my eye. It wasn’t that it made a statement, but it perfectly complimented the soft, delicate fabrics and pastel colors from the collection. It was romantic, but slightly disheveled, a beautiful combination.





Begin by creating a deep side part (0n your choice of side) and then separate your hair into three sections, with the back part (the middle section) having the most amount of hair. Now, secure that back section with a small rubber band.




Next, you’ll want to separate that ponytail into two sections. Instead of creating a braid, we’re going to be creating knots. It’s quite easy- just tie a knot with your hair as you would with a piece of string.





After the first knot, create a second knot right after, and continue until you’ve knotted the whole ponytail. Then secure with a hair tie. Make sure to keep your hair tight and secure while doing so. If a few pieces stick/fall out, let them be. This hairstyle is better when not perfect.





Next, you’ll want to take the bottom of the knotted ponytail and tuck it under (towards your head) and slip the ends into your already existing hair tie there. It should be secure, but you can always add an extra hair tie if need be. Before I begin the next step, I add a bit of TRESemmé Extra Firm Control Mousse to the two front sections of my hair for flexible but maximum hold. I’m going to be twisting them back and need a bit of texture and grip.





Twist your hair all the way back along your hairline, stopping at the base of your neck. Next, take the excess hair and wrap it around the hair tie (securing the ponytail). Have it start under and not over. Secure with a bobby pin.





Repeat the twist on the last section of hair.





I finish off the look by pulling out a few strands of hair around my face and use TRESemmé Beauty-Full Volume Hairspray to weightlessly set the hairstyle for the day ahead.




This post was sponsored by TRESemmé, a product of Unilever.

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