Holiday December 9, 2016

Gifting Nespresso

One of the things I love most about our new home in Charleston is the incredible neighborhood we find ourselves in. Being home this week means waking up every morning looking out at the Spanish moss-covered trees in our yard, listening to the soft sounds of our neighborhood coming alive, and feeling like I have to pinch myself that this is our place. I love getting cozy in comfy loungewear and curling up with my morning coffee with Thomas. Only, instead of Thomas making the coffee, I want to now because I get to use our new Nespresso Evoluo Machine, which we gifted to each other as an early Christmas present. We’ve had our Nespresso U for years, but it was time for a bit of an upgrade. The Evoluo is so incredibly easy to use – I just pop in one of the capsules, press one button and I’ve just created a full-size coffee, complete with nearly an inch of foamy cream. And I can add my almond milk to the Aeroccino4 milk frother for an additional creamy delight, while Thomas can simply enjoy his traditional espresso, sans any extras.





The Nespresso Limited Edition capsules include flavors reminiscent of my childhood holiday favorites – pumpkin bread, gingerbread and one we made ALL the time, (and my personal favorite) banana bread. Since we’re having family stay with us for the holidays, I decided to share the same memories by gifting a Nespresso Evoluo Machine and a set of limited edition capsules to my Dad, who is a die-hard coffee lover. Seriously, the smell of coffee in the morning instantly makes me think of him. 



I plan on hosting a Christmas Eve dinner party with my family, and bringing back an old tradition by having each family member open just one gift. After dinner is served and we’re settled in for dessert, I’m hoping to suggest that my Dad open his gift from us first (mom is keeping him away from this post!), knowing that everyone will want to line up to make their own espressos and coffees. We will sit around drinking coffee, listening to stories about our family, maybe sharing funny gifts we’d received over the years (I actually received coal one year, from my darling older sister), and what we’re planning to do in the coming year. Cleaning up after our coffee and dessert will be a breeze thanks to Nespresso’s recycling program for their capsules. I wish I could say the same for the rest of the dishes!





Maybe you’re heading home for the holidays or to your in-laws. Get them something you know they’ll love and that you can enjoy, too. This is a gift they’re going to want to open first so that everyone can experience great tasting coffee while the family is all together for the holidays. You’ll end up wanting one for yourselves, just like we did! What’s something you love that you want to gift someone this year?


Thank you to Nespresso for sponsoring this post.

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