Beauty August 31, 2017

These Are The 7 Things I Stock Up On Throughout The Year

While I purchase many things throughout the year, often times, there are those products that I love so much, I make sure I’m always stocked up on them. It could be a beauty product that is so game-changing my skin relies on it, or an undergarment that’s key to wearing my favorite dress or makeup product I feel nude without. While I’m sure everyone’s list looks vastly different, mine is centered around a mix of beauty and skincare products, along with items I wear under my clothes. These are the 7 things I stock up on throughout the year.




Arcona Triad Pads– I’ve talked about my love for these toner pads on GMG a lot. Arcona has been one of my favorite skincare brands for years, with the Triad Pads being the one product that you’ll never see me without. How I use them? After I wash my face, I use one pad all over my skin afterwards. Years ago, I started getting a lot of little bumps around my jawline and when I went to a facialist to see why, she said it was probably from not washing off all of my makeup at night (even if I thought I was). These help keep my skin clear and fresh, so I always have a least one tub on me.


Bobbi Brown Eye Opening Mascara– This is my all-time favorite mascara. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that they are now obsessed with this mascara after hearing me talk about it. While I do sometimes use a lash growth serum (I use NeuLash every few months or so), this mascara really does give you longer, fuller lashes. I’m not into eyeshadow palettes, contouring or lots of makeup, but I do love my big lashes!


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Hanky Panky Lace Thong– One thing my mom taught me, that my grandmother taught her, was that having nice undergarments (and continually refreshing them throughout the year), goes a long way. I love Hank Panky and their lace underwear are my go-to.


Invisibobble Hair Ring– These were a huge game-changer for me. For all of you thick-hair girls out there, you’ll understand the frustration when it comes to hair ties and nothing being able to hold the weight of your hair for a long period of time (especially while working out!). The design and texture of these hair rings make sure that your hair stays in place and doesn’t move. And best part? They also are gentler on your hair, resulting in less breakage and headaches. from constant ponytails and buns.




Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment– Another product that you’ll never see me without. I probably sound like a broken record when I say that I love these tinted lip balms, but it wouldn’t be an accurate list if they weren’t on it. The two I always have on me are the “rose” and “petal” colors.




Glam Glow YouthMud Mask– This is one of mine (and Thomas’s!) favorite face masks. The reason why we love it and always stock up on throughout the year? Whenever we feel like we might be on the verge of breaking out (eating bad food, traveling a lot…), we use it and our skin is clear the next day. This stuff is no joke and that’s why I love it.


Bristols 6 Nippie Skin Covers– These are my secret weapon for all of those low-cut, backless, small strap tops and dresses. I love that they’re really lightweight and thin and don’t add extra padding or unnecessary weight. I bring these everywhere I go, just in case I have a dress or a top I need to wear them with.

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