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This category is designed to help you navigate makeup, skincare, and haircare routines. Overviews, video tutorials and brand reviews will aid you in finding meaningful ways to improve your beauty regimine. I have spent years establishing a clean, pro-natural Beauty routine that leaves my skin and hair hydrated and healthy. I love being able to share this mindset with you confidently, having found tips and tricks that can help you find your best self.

I truly believe that good skin starts from the inside out. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water is essential. I carry my YETI portable mug filled with water everywhere with me. I exfoliate at least once a week, usually twice. love how a good exfoliation creates a wonderfully smooth palette for makeup application. I believe in working on controlling stress by eating healthy, nutrient rich foods like almonds, walnuts, flax seed, salmon, and broccoli.

I have a few tried and true everyday beauty regimes for keeping my skin looking and feeling beautiful, healthy and vibrant. Simple ways to keep my skin in-check to prevent day-to-day surprises at bay. My number one rule beauty rule is to always remove makeup before going to bed. I also go ‘sans’ makeup every once in a while to give skin a break and a chance to breathe. I am an advocate for wearing sunblock with spf 30 or higher when outdoors (my grandmother was always a stickler for making sure we were covered outdoors, sunhat and all). I stick with cleansing and moisturizing products made for my skin type and keep my routine simple. I’ve mentioned many times that my skin is super dry. I make sure to only use cleansers with no harsh chemicals that can leave my skin feeling too tight. I prefer products that have natural, moisture-rich ingredients that absorb quickly into my skin so that my makeup sets well. I am adamant about applying a good eye cream around the eye bone area to reduce the appearance of tiny lines – the first ones that creep up when I haven’t been getting enough sleep or am feeling stressed.

When it comes to my hair, I prefer to wash and air dry as often as possible. I have extremely thick hair, so adding plenty of moisture is critical to keeping it soft and smooth. I include a variety of essential oils and leave-in conditioners. My makeup routine follow my skin care in terms of simplicity. I’ve always believed that less is more. My go-to mascara, concealer, cover-up, lip and cheek color are all I need to get day ready. For evening I enhance natural features with a touch of shadow, liner and a bit of bronzer. I find that lipstick is a way to change my beauty routine without looking overdone, especially when keeping makeup to a minimum.


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