May 7, 2018

Sugar Bakeshop

Off the beaten path from the Charleston tourist district, there are a couple different treasures you will not want to miss on your trip to Charleston. Sugar Bakeshop is one of those places. A block down from Coming and Cannon, you will find a sweet little bakeshop that satisfies the lively Cannonborough/Elliotborough neighborhood’s sweet tooth. The humble square building sits subtly beside busy Cannon street – be careful because you just may miss her. She beckons you in with one irresistible calling painted across her facade: Sugar.

I swear the aroma of fresh, seasonal baked goods will fill your lungs when you first walk in. Sugar offers an array of specialty-crafted cupcakes and cookies, as well as delicious cakes for weddings and events. Don’t miss the little courtyard where you can sit and enjoy your sweet treats with friends and loved ones while admiring the quaint borough so many Charlestonians call home.