February 8, 2015

Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort

If you were going to ask, “Julia, what would be the best place to go if I just want to sit on a beach and have the most relaxing vacation ever?”. I would say Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort in Antigua. The experience starts at the airport. Where you will have someone waiting for you as soon as you make it through customs. How many luxury resorts can you name where the combined transportation time is 10 minutes (3 minute drive and 7 minute boat ride)? I can’t think of any.

Thomas and I never wanted to leave our colorful and open living space with our own private slice of Harbour Beach while on the island. Everything from the amazing infinity pool to the double headed shower to the outdoor/indoor space. Bicycles are available to every guest on the island, which is a nice way to get around the 300 acres. We loved taking a leisurely ride to breakfast in the morning or to the beach in the late afternoon (and it makes for a nice little workout, too!)

The best part of Jumby Bay is that it’s all inclusive. Yes, that means endless pina coladas, fish tacos, paddle boarding, water skiing, tubing and snorkeling available on the beach everyday. Beautiful beach cabanas line Jumby Bay Beach if you prefer to relax in the shade with a good book or for an afternoon nap. All of them with an unobstructed view of the beautiful, turquoise, starfish filled, water. There are also daily group activities such as beach volleyball, boat trip to snorkel at Paradise Reef, nature walks and trips around the island by boat.

Hidden beaches await those willing to explore on bicycle or golf cart. Pasture Bay Beach rarely has any other guests on it, so it’s a great spot for a romantic beach sunset stroll. During the summer months the endangered hawksbill sea turtle nests on this beach!