June 18, 2018

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Adding A Summer Glow

Perhaps it’s the California girl in me, but one of my favorite beauty looks has always been dewy, golden skin. Like many women my age, I spent too many years as a teenager seeking that look by lying outside with barely a trace of SPF on, but now, I…

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June 15, 2018


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Bridal Shower With Birdies

My older sister lives in Ireland, so it’s always a special occasion when we get to see each other. She just so happened to be in the states for her best friend’s wedding, so she added on an extra week in Charleston to come visit us with her fiancé. Since my mom…

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What is daily looks?

Daily looks is a diary of seasonal styles Julia is wearing - a place you can return to daily for fashion inspiration. Get a glimpse into Julia’s closet and see how she styles classics, seasonal staples, and her favorite pieces for day and night.

June 7, 2018


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5 Gift Ideas For Father’s Day 2018

Hey everyone, it’s Thomas, taking over today to help out with some suggestions for awesome Father’s Day gifts. While I’m not officially a member of the Father club, in spirit I am. Want proof? I’m already much more likely to wear a casual shirt tucked in…

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June 5, 2018


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Blue & White Pieces To Buy For Summer

We’re just a few short weeks away from the first day of summer and getting ready for another long trip beginning at the start of next week. First up we have a quick trip to Spain, then Italy for our friend’s wedding, followed by our last stop, France, for work…

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June 4, 2018


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Where We Stayed In London

I love London, it’s always been my favorite big city. A few years ago, Thomas and I were contemplating moving there because we loved it so much. While I don’t think that plan is in our cards, we still love to visit as often as possible, especially since two of our…

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