November 14, 2018

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Gifts To Inspire Mindfulness and Well-Being

Gift giving is my love language, so I cherish the opportunity to hunt down a gift that will make the recipient feel known and loved. Usually, this means understanding their taste, considering their season of life and current interests, and knowing where to find one-of-a-kind items I think they’ll enjoy. While I wholeheartedly stand by that strategy, this holiday season, I’m trying to first consider what my loved ones’ hearts may need a little more of right now. From gifts to inspire mindfulness and well-being, to confidence, to fun and adventure, you’ll see this play out through all of our GMG gift guides over the coming weeks. I hope they encourage and equip you to take your gift giving one step deeper alongside me!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that this year has held its fair share of stressors, so prioritizing mindfulness, health, and well-being has never felt more important. I’ve certainly experienced the negative effects that too much sugar, too little sleep, too few nutrients, and too infrequent relaxation can have on my body, mind, and relationships, and have walked alongside family members and friends who I know could say the same. Gifts to inspire mindfulness and well-being range from luxe loungewear, to thought-provoking journals, to invigorating skincare tools and products, but they all share a common theme of encouraging a more peaceful 2019. Here are a few of my favorite ideas!


Deep breath…burn this woodsy, floral incense in your bedroom, den, or wherever you go to retreat from the world and unwind.


Formulated with many plant-based ingredients, this gift set combines luxe skincare with scents that promote harmony and mental well-being.

Bath Salts

Is there anything more relaxing than soaking in the bathtub? These bath salts smell divine and come in different formulations for your exact pampering needs.

Pastel Candles

These pastel soy candles smell as pretty as they look. Each scent inspires a different positive feeling, from relaxation to energy.

Ceramic Mug

The organic shape and unique pressed flower design of this mug will connect you to nature from the moment you pour your morning coffee.

Pink Pajama Set

Curl up in the perfect shade of pink, but be warned–you may be tempted to spend all day in this super-soft pajama set (top and bottom).

Rose Quartz Roller

Beautiful and practical, this roller can be used to massage the face or to gently apply essential oils and skincare products.

Hand Lettering For Relaxation

A fun, zero-pressure way to try out a new skill, this book offers lettering lessons accompanied by plenty of encouragement.


Perfect for journaling or writing down quotes, lyrics, things you’re grateful for, and more, this journal offers encouragement right on the cover.

Mindfulness Cards

Draw a card daily for an easy way to practice mindfulness. Each one features an inspiring phrase and a simple mental exercise.


These wireless headphones make it easy to tune into a podcast, play calming music, or listen to a meditation app on the go.

Headspace Subscription

My friend Carly got me hooked on Headspace–it’s an amazing resource for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

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