April 2, 2019

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Lace Details

A detail I love any time of year, but especially in springtime, is lace. It exudes femininity and charm, but most of all, I appreciate the way it adds texture and interest to otherwise simple styles. While I certainly appreciate a beautifully designed all-lace piece, one of my favorite ways to wear lace is in elegant and modern touches–a delicate hem, a lace-lined cutout, or a subtle lace overlay, to name a few. Much to my delight, lace details done exactly the way I love them most have been popping up in all different places for the new season. I especially have my eye on this lace-trimmed denim, dainty lace cami, lace-edged skirt, lace-sleeved top, lace-front blouse, and these lace-finished pajamas. I’ve also found myself lingering over lace details I’ve spotted in home decor–how lovely are these lace-patterned dishes? Explore more of my favorite lace finds, both for your closet and your home, below.

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