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May 27, 2017

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Men’s Grooming For Summer

To wrap up Beauty Week, I asked Julia for a chance to share my favorite men’s grooming products. While it’s not foreseeable that you’ll be using these products, the men in your life might find them very helpful (plus, Father’s Day is just around the corner). I’m always amazed by how few men take good care of their skin, or maybe it’s just not a topic that we sit around and discuss much. I’m still surprised by the number of men that don’t use something as basic as conditioner in their hair. Anyways, here is my list of all my favorite products.


For the longest time I was getting really bad razor burn after shaving. I finally had enough and decided to do some research to get rid of the painful after-shave for good.  After researching many products and methods, I found four that work really well:
Jack Black Face Buff Energizing Scrub – This energizing scrub “wakes facial hair up” making for a smoother shave.
Jack Black Beard Lube – Shaving creams from the more well known shave brands left my skin really dry and they didn’t actually feel like they were providing much protection. When I used this shave cream, applied with this Shave Brush , I found it made a huge difference.
Gillette Fusion Proshield Razor – My preferred razorblade for years. Julia even uses it for shaving her legs.
Korres Aftershave –  This is the first product I tried to cure my razorburn and I’ve sworn by it ever since.


This is probably the one area of grooming that men are least familiar with. In my opinion, everyone should use a daily face moisturizer with SPF, a daily face wash that doesn’t strip your skin, but is still effective, and additional sunscreen if spending time in the sun.
Jack Black Daily Moisturizer – While I’ve switched between this and moisturizers from Kiehl’s, this has been my favorite so far. It has 30+ SPF which is great for everyday. For longer days in the sun, I’ll use this 50 SPF Face Sunscreen.
Fresh Rose Cleansing Foam– When I’m being good, I wash my face at least twice per day, sometimes more. So it’s important to have an effective face wash that’s not too strong. I recently started using this wash and love how refreshing it is.
Charcoal Mask– When Julia gets a new mask, sometimes I like to try it out. Charcoal masks always wind up being my favorites.
Supergoop Sunscreen – I started using Supergoop last year when I was looking for a sunscreen that wouldn’t make my skin breakout. Since then, they’ve released some awesome sprays and my favorite, a sunscreen mousse, which make it super easy to apply.


I have big curly hair and in the summertime, my hair puffs up and becomes pretty uncontrollable. The only way I’ve found to tame it is by consistently washing and conditioning, applying a good hair paste, and running a comb through it throughout the day.
Kérastase Shampoo and Conditioner- In the shower, I pretty much use whatever Julia uses. I’m particularly loving how my hair looks and feels when using Kérastase product. I even got compliments on how it was shining the other day.
Bumble and Bumble Sumotech hair styling paste– I’ve preferred to use styling paste over gels for a few years now. I prefer not to have the gelled hair look but I need a decent amount of hold so my hair doesn’t become too crazy. I’ve sampled dozens of pastes and this is the only one I’ll be reordering.
D R Harris Comb – This small, sleek comb was a stocking stuffer gift from Julia a few years ago for Christmas.

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