Quick Read

Gal Meets Glam Quick Reads are meant to be enjoyed when you need a bit of inspiration but don’t have a lot of time to spare. Focused on our core brand topics such as fashion, beauty, travel and home, you can expect me to post quick content like beauty tips, shopping finds, sale roundups and home updates!

Gift Guide

2 min read

Gifts To Inspire Mindfulness and Well-Being

Gift giving is my love language, so I cherish the opportunity to hunt down a gift that will make the recipient feel known and loved. Usually, this means understanding their taste, considering their season of life and current interests, and knowing where to find one-of-a-kind items I think they’ll enjoy.

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2 min read

Soup Season

Last night we had some friends over for our first ever Soup Off! The idea for the Soup Off came a few weeks ago when we were together with our friends.

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4 min read

Jackets For Changing Weather

The weather in Charleston has finally caught up to many of the places we’ve been traveling to over the last few weeks! If you live somewhere in the Northern hemisphere that experiences all four seasons…

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