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June 16, 2017

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My Two Hat Packing Strategies For Travel


I love to wear hats, whether it’s to help shield my face from the sun, or simply because I like the finishing touch a hat adds to an outfit. That’s why I consider hats to be an essential summer accessory and always bring a few different styles with me when I travel. The trick was coming up with a way to pack my hats so they wouldn’t get crushed or lose their shape. I ended up with these two hat packing strategies I alternate between when traveling with my hats:

  1. My preferred method is to stack my hats inside each other by size and put them in a carry-on tote bag. But this isn’t always feasible, especially for long trips where I don’t want to use my carry-on just for hats.
  2. My second method is to stack my hats inside each other and put them in my checked luggage. For added protection, I stuff the bottom of each hat with scarves, t-shirts or socks so that the hats don’t cave in. Then I place the hats into my bag and use soft items to build additional protection and reinforcement around them.

I’ve alternated between these two methods for years and have yet to lose a hat to travel damage! But if you’re still unsure, you can buy a packable hat style or use a hat box made to safely transport hats while looking travel chic. Which ever method you choose, don’t be afraid to take a hat or two with you on your next summer vacation! Happy hat packing!


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