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5 Best Buys Of January

We’re now one month into the year and before we say hello to February, I wanted to look back on January. At the end of last year I did a post about my most-used items of 2017 that actually inspired today’s post, which will be re-occurring at the end of each month. It’s one thing to buy a product, love it and share it right away, and it’s another to use it over time and really figure out if it’s something that was worth spending the money on. Regardless if it’s a necessity or not, I’m constantly buying things- from food and groceries, to beauty products and toiletries, to home accessories and clothes. Sadly, there are always items that I start off with a lot of excitement about, but that never really make it into my routine or daily use. But then there are those that I use til every last drop or as much as I can, refilling or restocking if needed. I always find it interesting to see what people use the most of, and obviously it’s varied for different lifestyles, so I wanted to share my five best buys at the end of every month. Keep reading to see what I found the most useful, wore repeatedly or stocked up on in January…


Hair Oil

This MoroccanOil Treatment was one of my most-used and most-loved products of 2017 and continues to be into the new year as well.

Straw Bag

My love for basket bags has only grown this year, with a few new additions like this Hat Attack tote and this super chic bamboo handle one.

Gingham Rain Jacket

This gingham rain jacket was the perfect addition to brighten up the gloomy, rainy days of winter and think spring thoughts.

Thelma Loafers

This Charleston based company makes the most comfortable loafers around. I bought them last year in pink and added the new light blue color this month.

RMS Beauty Oil

Recently I talked about my addition of natural makeup products from the line RMS. I’ve been using this beauty oil every single day since.

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