May 7, 2018

Walk/ Run the Arthur Ravenel Bridge

If you still desire a fun way to exercise after walking around the city, the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge has a path to walk or run and bike lane. In fact, every year, Charleston holds the Cooper River Bridge Run, and blocks off the bridge so thousands of runners from around the world can take it on for the race. Enjoy the best views of downtown and the Cooper River. You can either enter the walking path from the downtown or Mt. Pleasant end. After you park off of East Bay Street, the downtown stretch starts with a long walk over the marsh. You can either walk the whole bridge, or come back after you reach the top. We usually start on the Mt. Pleasant side. You can park your car for free under the bridge at the Mt. Pleasant Waterfront park. At the top of the bridge, it is very windy, so make sure you hold on to your hat and bring an extra layer if you are walking in the early morning. Also, check out the Mt. Pleasant pier under the bridge after your run/ walk/ bike ride.